This Certificate in Teaching Aquaphobic Adults (CTAA) course aims to teach swimming professionals how to understand, identify and by using the Adult Aquaphobic Learning Programme (AALP) – treat Aquaphobics, weak and non-swimmers from both a psychological and physical perspective.

The professional development course establishes a teacher as an Aquaphobia Coach who will be able to assess the severity of an individual’s fear of water and support individuals through the recovery process, from being scared of water to successfully swimming with control and overcoming their fear.

The two-day RLSS UK course, endorsed by CIMSPA, is taught by a National Aquaphobia Trainer Assessor and aims to help participants:

  1. Understand Aquaphobia and the role human emotions play.
  2. Apply the use of appropriate techniques in helping a participant overcome Aquaphobia.
  3. Use the Personal Ability Range (P.A.R) scale in relation to planning, reviewing and evaluating sessions.
  4. Demonstrate appropriate teaching skills and techniques for land and pool based activities.
If you are a swimming teacher ASA, STA or equivalent, have been actively training for the last two years, and want to increase your skills and revenue, then book on a CTAA course to become an Aquaphobia Coach.